Thor has lost this battle

Thor has lost this battle
All day the dog has been really needy, but adorably so with his need to be loved and played with and cuddled.

My favorite thought was that he wanted to play tug toyon my bed, but he would get too eager and tug himself right off the end of my bed.

Then bark at the end of the bed like it was to blame that he fell off.

Then he would grab the toy and come right back up, pull and and pull and fall off, bark, and repeat.

This went on for an hour until he fell asleep mid tug and and growl and conceded my bed and the tug toy were too much for him to conquer this day.

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There is no last call in orthopedics.

“Do you ever miss waiting tables?”


“Not even a little?”

“It was shitty waiting tables.”

“I mean I don’t miss the sidework, and some of the smells I don’t miss, but sometimes I miss the people.”

“That is one of the things I don’t miss. People always asking for stupid things, thinking that they could say anything at all to you, the stupid flirts, the gropers, the snappers, the cup bangers, the people that thought they could say anything to you because obviously you were too stupid to understand.”

“I think that is what I miss the most, all the people. Stupid people, jackasses, the huge variety of people, all of them poking at their food trying to make some kind of huge decision about food.”

“People suck.”

“People are fantastic. They are weird and freakish and they do the stupidest things, and you can guess about their lives when they eat.”

“Like the weird guys that come in and order the same thing at the same time on the same day every week?”

“Or the woman that comes in three times a week and always orders the same salad, but pours over the menu as though it is written in an entirely different language.”

“What is that? What about the people that aren’t regulars? The travelers, people who obviously are from out of town that are shocked by the prices and order just coffee and a muffin?”

“Oh I love their faces, the only thing better is the huge groups that are traveling on company money and order way way way too much food because they don’t have to pay. By the end of the meal they’ve bought drinks for you, for their laptops, for anyone sitting nearby.”

“I don’t miss it really, but I love that I did it. I do. I think about all the things that I do now at the hospital and nursing is a lot like waiting tables. I go to the bedside and people tell me all about what they need, they give me their orders and I do what I can within reason. Nursing is a lot like waiting tables.”

“With blood and piss.”

“Well, there is that. Just if I hadn’t spent all that time keeping drunks from puking and trying to hump each other on the night shift while earning tips and slinging eggs I don’t think I’d be half the nurse I am today.”

“Maybe. Maybe they should let you serve drinks when you hang IVs.”

“Nobody would ever want to leave the floors. There is no last call in orthopedics.”

“Party on the eighth floor, bring your walker! What! What!”

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Just a Thought

It made no sense to her that dragging a needle across a flat black piece of plastic could make all the music they’d grown up with and loved. When she was six, someone had explained to her that the grooves on the LPs were really little hills and valleys and that the needles made music from bouncing through them. One day when she learned that her fingerprints were little hills and valleys, she got a sewing needle and dragged it across her fingers. All it did was draw blood. Lesson learned. People weren’t records. Records were.
—Richard Kadrey/Dead Set

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Nerd Family – Comic Con is in Town


Keep an eye out at #denvercomiccon for my girl Mylady TARDIS! #doctorwho #tardis #cosplay #denver #comiccon

My girl Janna is the most amazing seamstress, and she made the most fantastic TARDIS dress. She is gonna knock them all dead dead dead at Denver Comic Con.

Half a Beard - Two Face Ready
My boy was unsure if he wanted to be two face half beard.

Two Face Make-up done

Also look out for my son- Two Face himself! #denvercomiccon #cosplay #theboy
He ended up going a bit more traditional.

Even Thor wanted to #cosplay today for #denvercomiccon but couldn't get a ticket or decide between Braveheart or frost giant. #thor #nerdfamily
With all the nerdly stuff going on, the dog wanted to head downtown and cosplay. He really liked all the make-up.

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Just a Thought

All she knew was that not talking made not crying easier and not crying was all that held the world together. That was enough for now.
—Richard Kadrey/Dead Set

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No matter what I write, my kittens always seem terribly unimpressed.

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Just a Thought

So I explained that, like any garden, Japan could not be allowed to wither and die. We would care for her, we would preserve her, we would annihilate the walking blight that infested and defiled her and we would restore her beauty and purity for the day when her children would return to her.
—Max Brooks/World War Z

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Bed Hog

Bed Hog
The more and more relaxed the dog becomes, the more he farts. Our relationship has reached that comfortable stage where you can fart in front of each other.

Oh hooray.

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Just a Thought

Ignorance was the enemy. Lies and superstition, misinformation, disinformation. Sometimes, no information at all. Ignorance killed billions of people.
—Max Brooks/World War Z

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small and delighted

Small Pleasures

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