Cubicle Conversation

At work people discuss the dogs in their lives.

Cube1: Oh is that your dog?

Cube2: Yep, my baby beagle.

Cube1: How old is she?

Cube2: A little over a year old.

Cube1: My little porky pitbull is just a bit over two years.

Cube2: How cute.

Cube3: I hate spitbulls.

Cube1&2: What?

Cube3: I hate spitbulls, ever since I was little.

Cube2: Why?

Cube3: My brother had a spitbull once, and it was mean, and it kept biting on things, and then this one day it locked up on my mom’s full bred lavendar.

—Bizarre Silence—

Cube1: That’s too bad.

Cube2: Yeah, that is too bad.

So what do you do when someone says something and you don’t think they have a clue what they are talking about, and you want to laugh, but you want to be polite?

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