Persistently Awesome

Wall of Awesome
Recently a pen-pal sent me a card that completed my circle of fantastic “received” things around my whiteboard.  Okay, so not all of them are from others, but most of them are – like my fantastic Shakespeare from the actual Avon postcard or my freaking awesome Tardis postcard – I’ve actually gotten two!  But my most recent awesome thing was from Miss Mary!

She sent me a Be Persistent card from the Creative Whack Pack – but more importantly she sent me a piece of my youth.  As a young girl I was in one of those classes for the gifted and talented, although sometimes it felt like a class for nerds to not wreck the curve.  We had cards like this, we had activities with no boundaries, no structure, nothing, and it was pretty sweet.

I am so happy every time I look up at this card, love my wall of awesome, and you should check out her 100 ways to be creative, they are way awesome.

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