Which is of course Death!

Naughty Kitten

He: Check out the naughty kitten I found in my closet.
Me: Nice.
He: Check out her face. What your closet was all open and stuff.
Me: You mean your closet isn’t for me to sleep in?
He: It is not.
Me: Selfish.
He: I am okay with that.
Me: Mean.
He: I got rules.
Me: How can you break that kitten’s heart?
He: If I allow her to break the rules CHAOS will ensue! Soon spiders will make webs in my closet, squirrels from outside will think they can chill in my closet. CHAOS!!
Me: Wow, that is a pretty fast descent.
He: Gotta make rules.
Me: Apparently. Although if it please the court I would like to bring up the Smeagol “sudden death” sacred pool case and ask if these rules are posted any where.
He: They are not, but I did verbally warn the kitten and she blatantly ignored the verbal warning, as seen by photo.
Me: As seen.
He: So no sympathy.
Me: Harsh, but fair.
He: I hope she understand the punishment! Which is of course Death…by embarrassment!

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