Folder V

Up to Volume V
I started back up with Postcrossing again recently after a recent hiatus, and after organizing and filing some of the postcards I had to start a new folder. I now have five folders of postcrossing/private swap postcards that I have all put together. I wanted to be able to look through them and see the front and the back because a lot of them have just fantastic stamps and stickers.

Five folders. Which is pretty cool. My goal this summer is to take all the letters I have squirreled away in different places and organize them by each correspondent and put them in to something tidy and organized. Now I just have to figure out how to do that – shoe boxes or bins seems like a good idea, but I have such limited space. Hmm I really must think about this for a while. I love having things tidy. Having time to tidy is making me feel really happy.

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