Baby Hats On The Walls

Green and Black Hats

For a baby shower at work I asked if anyone would be interested in helping to make some baby hats for decorations/gifts. My idea was to make seven little hats so that the baby could have a different hat for each day of the week. He could be a styling baby.

One of the other girls helped and made the two fantastic hats including the one with the pom-pom and my mom ended up making the fantastic black and green striped hat.  Lots of little hats to surprise the mom to be with gifts and smiles.  The only downside was that the day of the surprise baby shower the pregnant mom had a doctor’s appointment that no one knew about and for the first hour of the day everyone thought we had decorated for no reason.

Sometimes it is really fantastic working in a place packed with confusion and eventually food and gifts.

Blue and White Hats

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