Campus Conversations

Bright Clouds

-I don’t want to be a bra burner.
-It all seems too radical, too mean, too aggressive.
-But it never existed, it was a concept that was made up.
-But that super angry female, that isn’t what I want, it isn’t what I want to be.
-It didn’t exist though.
-I just want to to stand up for myself, and be soft. Can I be a soft girl, and not be a pussy?
-As long as you listen to me and hear what I’m fucking telling you that it never existed.

Tivoli Tower

-Did that sign say cupcakes and bait?
-Oh. I just wanted to check. Uhm, are you going to tell me what it said?

Clouds Over the Fields

-She called my mom.
-How did she get that number?
-I gave it to her.
-In case of emergencies.
-And passing out after drinking a bottle of wine with three Xanax isn’t an emergency.
-But she used it, she actually called my mom.

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