Hey – Stop Being So Fucking Judgmental

Orange Square

Yeah so television is not for me, and I know this because I flip through channels and then I see something like My Life is a Lifetime Movie (Prince Charming Episode) and my mind is taken over in fury.

I want to ask when we became such a judgmental group of people full of such small-minded goals and lack of understanding for each other. I want to ask that and I just can’t. This fucking show sucked me in, I HAD to know what happened at the end, but I didn’t relate to that woman telling her story at all.

Not that I really related to the guy that vanished, I just in the end hated everyone, and I really hated the people that edited the fucking story to have a BAD guy and a GOOD guy so that I could understand that hedonism is BAD and that loving your wife and kids is GOOD.

Seriously it was like watching church television. Fuck, I’m so irritated at the way it was cut together and the way it all just stings into my brain.

People should just try to be honest with each other. Just try and tell each other the truth, and if you can’t handle each other’s shit, don’t be freaky judgmental.

I really should watch less television. Or like way more so I can just become numb to this bullshit.

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