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What you look for in a greasy spoon is not cookery. There is nothing la-di-da on the premises. The food is plain; that’s the deal. The menu is unchanging. But in Manhattan, where you are assaulted hourly by unhinged ingenuity, especially in eating places, plainness becomes an attraction.
—Judith Dunford/The Greasy Spoon Loses the Grease and Gains a Certain Distinction

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  1. LadyLitBlitzin says:

    How funny. One of my favorite close-by neighborhood hangouts is a greasy spoon near my house. That’s definitely its draw. It also feels like it is straight out of another timezone — like 1975, for example. But it’s where I love to go when I want a pal to eat greasy nasty food and just listen to me cry about the latest frustration, gossip, or boy troubles.

    However, it’s nice to have a choice when one doesn’t want the greasy spoon… luckily I have some!

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