Iron Man 3

I was excited to see Iron Man 3. It was good, and I enjoyed it. Were there problems? Sure. But I went in with really low expectations and as a whole it met most of my expectations. Which sounds meaner than it was intended.

After seeing Avengers, and knowing this is the first movie after Avengers, there is no freaking way this movie can live up to that hype, and it doesn’t. It is one guy and some other cool characters that are in a world that we love doing some fun things, but it isn’t a full ensemble of freaking fantastical heroes, and therefore it is going to suffer a little bit.

All that out of the way there are choices the film made that are really strong, there is a mood in the film that is wonderful, very dark and biting, and with the narration of your charming Stark bringing us into the world, a lot of it works. I am comfortable instantly because I love Downey, and I love Stark, so I am coddled into believing I will love the movie. The actiony credits in the beginning give you the feeling that this will be the capper to the sequence of films. This is the end to a trilogy is what they are saying with the tidy images, and that feels okay.

I love Downey as Stark, and I love Paltrow as Potts – it is even fun to say. Favreau as Happy is fun, and who doesn’t like the idea of having a Happy on staff? Just to bark out the orders “Get me Happy”, or “I need Happy!” can make a person smile. Pearce and Kingsley as bad guys – fantastical. The flashback scene in the beginning of the film is adorable and gives us a sort of time loop, wrapping things back around to ending a trilogy vibe when we see Shaun Toub wander through. It is all the strong acting in the film that carries the sometimes slowpoke story.

There are small nitpicks, like I’m not a big fan of the suit that flies through the air in tiny pieces and the way at times the characters bob and weave around real conversations and instead become one liners and barbs instead of the well developed characters from the decades of comics we know that they really are. The movie rushes through things at the end that I think would’ve made super cool plot points and story fodder, but on the whole it was a serviceable and interesting trilogy ender.

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