Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6
When you get to the sixth in a series, the expectations are pretty low. It starts to become more of a silly ridiculous thing that you are watching than anything really serious at all.

This is good, because when you go to see fast cars and big outlandish unrealistic explosions in exotic locales on a gigantic screen the Fast and Furious series is far far far from serious.

The whole thing becomes kind of like a dude soap-opera. From the scenes of we’re getting the band back together, to the amnesia plot standards, the violent prison scene, and the incredible fantastic posturing all over the place – there is nothing nothing nothing to take seriously.

But FUN, my god is it fun. Shit explodes. People beat the crap out of each other, and the cars, oh the delicious unrealistic, gas guzzling, gorgeous fast fast fast cars. They are everywhere, and they are so much prettier than anything else on screen. No the physics don’t make sense, yes the plot could accommodate the tank they introduce in the film, but in the end of course the action makes up for most of the over the top bizarre clichés.

I wasn’t looking for poetry and beauty, I was looking for cars I’ll never see down the street going way too fast. All present and accounted for, yippee.

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