I could type and type and type and type and type and type and type and still not get to the heart of how I feel about this book.

Oh boy and do I mean type and type and type.

This book is long, but I think if I decided to attack this book like a chapter a night maybe it wouldn’t have felt so long. Or maybe it would have. Or maybe it wouldn’t have. Fuck I don’t know.

I do know that there are characters in the book that are really unlikeable, and then you get to know them and they seem more interesting, and then you get to know them some more, and you begin to question why you are reading a book that weighs twenty pounds and is making you question reality, then you get to know the people some more and they become really familiar and unlikeable, and then the book and reality falls apart. Oh and yeah, you keep reading.

I can’t say the book is bad because there is stuff in the book that I was captivated by and there were times when I was reading it on a plane and I actually gasped aloud – I’m serious here with a gasp and a hand over my mouth gesture even.

I can’t say the book is good because it takes a really long time to get to the point, and there isn’t a point, there are about forty, which means it is kind of like life, but all written down in a confusing way that I had to pay attention to on every page. Plus there were parts that were really creepy and gross. Wait, that is a lot like life. Maybe it was good. Fuck. I still can’t decide.

Maybe I should’ve read it faster, or slower, or been made aware of the bizarre amounts of sex with creatures that may or may not have been human, or perhaps someone could explain to me if the being knocked unconscious constantly was just the simple plot device/metaphor it appeared or something that resulted from low blood sugar.

As confused as I feel now thinking about the book I have to say I am glad I read it. I mean it was the first Haruki Murakami book I’ve ever read and the man can turn a sentence and make it dance. I don’t regret having that experience of enjoying his words, I’m just still uncertain if I enjoyed the whole of the story.

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