Heading Home

June Photo Challenge - Film

Today was film.
I am headed home.

Every time I visit New York it is so different, it is so amazing, it is so New York. This visit was relaxed and other than the broken foot pain – it was practically perfect in every single way.

My very best friend works for the PGA and he took me to some little events and I got to see some fun movies and celebrities. I even stood heart stoppingly close to a man I’ve had a crush on since I was a teenager. Apparently I should’ve asked to get my picture taken, but I was too fluttery starstruck.

The visit was really good, and I had a really good time I have to say.. There are these moments when you look at your life and you are just happy to be who you are where you are and I had a million billion of them on this trip and I’m so happy I went and soaked up the happy happy time.

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