Hotel Chevalier – The Darjeeling Limited

WA_Hotel Chevalier

I think people should be allowed to hire someone to write out and film and stage their goodbyes. I’m not sure I would pick Wes Anderson, although he does a really great job with Hotel Chevalier. Things are uncomfortable and strange and sexy in the short film. Things aren’t exactly right, they aren’t exactly wrong, and everyone gets what they want, and everyone says goodbye.

The moment is perfect, for a moment.

What works best in this short film is the unbelievably uncomfortable shit that goes unsaid. Yes I hear you shouting at each other, yes that is yucky, yes you shouldn’t have invited her in – why are you doing these horrible things to each other when you both obviously know they are horrible?

The moment is perfect, for a moment of the unsaid.

hotel chevalier from marchand on Vimeo.

WA_The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited broke my heart. Almost completely in two, my heart was broken by this movie. The characters are just horrible, and watching them unfurl as they force themselves along trying to understand what they are doing together without their father, trying to make things make sense of everything was hard enough. Take those unlikable people and have their carefully planned world begin to completely unravel and turn into something distractingly and achingly beautiful and I just couldn’t handle how much it hurt my heart.

For me though, as the brothers flashed back to the car repair shop and the pain and anger that is always present in their relationship became that much more clear in flashback as it related to their father’s death and the strain in their relationship, for me I began to see the brothers as people I really understood. These people didn’t understand each other, the world around them, what was going to happen next, or why they were trying to hard to be brothers, but they just kept trying, and they seemed worth all the effort of the adventure and show.

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