Moonrise Kingdom

This movie takes everything that is great about Anderson movies, and puts it into the hands of children, lovely, beautiful, violent, and horrible children. These children are all on an island. That is fantastic. Put everybody on an island with a storm and silent hiding spots and the whole society just goes apeshit.

The story is pure adventure, amazing adventure, It is a lot like one of the plays from an Anderson film from before, everybody is guaranteed an ending full of happiness, but there has to be standing around and odd speeches first.

Previously the films of Anderson have been a lot of people looking back and saying I’ve lost what I wanted, I wish I had more of what I used to be, but Moonrise Kingdom is very much about looking forward.

Falling in love, being in love, finding understanding and belonging, all about being and finding where you fit in. The movie is sweet and caring in the fact that it never tries to be either of those things at all.

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