I am a laboriously slow reader. I see when people make these promises to read 100 books in a year, I’ve made promises to read 52 or more books in a year, and sometimes I make it, and sometimes I don’t. Most of the time it has to do with how fucking slow I read. I am a painfully slow reader.

I listen to a lot of my books. I can do it in my car, I can do it when I go for a walk, I can do it when I am sitting around, I love the way I can see the little movie in my head while I listen to someone talented read me words. When the reader is talented, an audiobook is almost better than a movie. When a reader is bad, an audiobook can be worse than the drilling scene in The Marathon Man.

Tina Fey is freaking fantastic. The words she wrote are amazing, her voice is the perfect amount of humorous, and she brings Bossypants to life without overselling anything. She is funny, but she lets the words speak for themselves, that sounds really self-evident, but over the years having listened to a lot of authors read their own stuff, there are authors that try to over sell their own work.

Bossypants is a delight. The book is the perfect kind of comedy memoir. It tells a lot of fun and silly stories, it gives advice, but it also sort of makes you feel like you will never really know the person you are reading about, because honestly if you know everything about them that there is to know what happens to the curiosity? The mystery? What will happen to that fascination that makes them a star?

The book has fun stories, but it is also sweet and kind, and in a way the book is very giving to women, and other people making the attempt to be something new. Tina Fey is unflinching in the book, and it is honestly really a great read/listen. It doesn’t feel really like a memoir so much as it feel like a nice book by a nice person that likes be a bossy.

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