Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim2

Action Packed. Check.

Cliches. Check.

Long. Double Check.

This movie wasn’t bad, it wasn’t Shakespeare, and it wasn’t good.

I am going to add it to my list of movies that might have been better if it were ten to thirty minutes shorter, and had no dialogue. None. And seriously, none of that fucking voiceover. The movie was exactly what it needed to be visually, it told me exactly the story it needed to tell me visually.

Robots vs. Monsters. GRRRRRRRRRR!

That was what I came for, that was what I paid for, that was what I was there for completely. There was no need for dialogue, and honestly as someone that loves dialogue, there was no need for dialogue.

More Robots.
More Monsters.
More ‘spolding.

‘Sploding good.

It was fun, it was lots of fun, I just wish I’d had a mute button for all the talking.

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