World War Z (Movie)

World War Z

When you get to see a movie for free, a movie tends to shine a bit more in your eyes. It comes off better. I mean I already love movies and tend to find the positive in movies whenever I can, but a free movie is supercalifragilistic. The only thing that might be better is a fifty-cent movie. I mean then you get to see a super cheap movie, you get to brag about it, and it was only fifty cents!!

World War Z was a free movie for me, so it had a lot going for it to start. The movie and the book are not alike, they are different, I knew this going in, and I was okay with that fact. This movie had massive amounts of issues, production delays, zombie genre competition, and in general needed all the good it could get going for it in the good column.

When we meet Brad Pitt – Gerry Lane, there is a definite knowledge of impending doom. There is a definite sense that shit is going to be horrible. And it is, it is horrible. The best parts of the film happen right off the bat, when the world falls to pieces and we get the basics of the zombie plague, and that everyone is going to die, and we get it all visually, and very quickly.

Early on there is a moment where we see someone bitten, changed, and then get back up and start attacking others all while time is being counted down for us and we have a clear grasp of time and the spread of the disease. Are you a fan of shambling zombies? Are you just coming to terms with the fast moving zombies? Yeah well this movie has decided to just speed everything up even more and put a speedy little childish counting bunny to help you keep track of how little time you actually have to live once you’ve been bitten.

There are parts of the movie that are freaking fantastic. There is the scientist that is going to save us all being let loose in the wild for the first time, and the fucking pointlessness of all that in play. There is the back-story in flash back in a visual style that I found creepy and compelling and creepy. There are of course parts of the movie that just suck balls, the “cure” is weak, and the movie at the end instead of finishing strong sort of peters out like they were going to say something else but settled for what they had instead.

On the whole, it was a passable flick, the opening and the scare fest of that initial introduction of the horror headed as a plague takes over a city was golden. I love it when a movie scares you, when it reaches in and riles you up, even if it is only able to do it for a little while, and this movie definitely had me for a little while.

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