Waiting Room Philosophy

Waiting to see the doctor today and The Boy and I start to chat.

Me: She looks nice, sort of a punker girl, you could date a punker girl.
Boy: Punker girls don’t go for geeks like me mom.
Me: You never know, you need to ask girls out to find out what kind of girl will go out with you.
Boy: Is that like some kind of big advice?
Me: The biggest advice I have to give you.
Boy: That is your biggest advice?
Me: Yes, that is my biggest advice. No matter how many people tell you no, you keep asking. Eventually someone will say yes. It applies not just to dating, conveniently enough.
Boy: Ask enough girls and one of them will let me kiss them?
Me: Yep, worked for me.
Boy: How would you know, you aren’t a lesbian.
Me: Maybe not, but I’ve kissed girls.
Boy: So you’re bisexual?
Me: Yes, you remember Jean, the woman I used to go to the movies with?
Boy: Was she the lady with the purple hair?
Me: No, she had red hair.
Boy: Oh, her. You dated her? She was really pretty.
Me: Yes, we went out. We could not talk about this anymore if it makes you feel weird.
Boy: No, let’s talk about this lots and lots.
Me: Yeah anything so we don’t talk about you asking girls out right?
Boy: Pretty much.

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