The Heat

The Heat

One of the other movies I got to see for free on my recent visit to New York was The Heat. That added a lot to the appeal of the film, which is good, because it needed some help.

The movie is silly, and that is great, but it is also way too long. Just way way way too long, and really there is no need for the length of this picture. What is funny in the movie is very funny. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have excellent chemistry and when they work together at making the story move forward, the movie zips along and makes a comedy.

But there is a lot of movie to get through to watch what is funny. It is a silly buddy cop picture where we are watching two people that aren’t the same. The point is made as soon as we see each character on screen, there is a lot of wasted time making sure we understand how different the characters are, and that they have different lives, different paths, and different ways. Then more time is spent showing how much they want to do their job.

I get it pretty early on, why waste my time explaining to me these female cops? Is it because they are female? Is it because the story is a little weak? I have no idea, but it makes the story drag, and instead of coming off a silly and fun little buddy cop movie that could’ve been a quick popcorn ninety minutes the film drags me through a full two hours.

The thing that is really irritating is how very funny Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are in the movie. They are so damned funny, they and various other cast members – including the unbelievably funny family of McCarthy’s character that includes Bill Burr, Jane Curtain, and Michael Rappaport, that one just gets frustrated when the film isn’t funny. The movie is stiff when it moves the plot along, and feels twice as stiff when sitting next to the fantastically funny scene that just came before.

I think the movie is likely a great rental, something that would not suffer at all from being on the small screen and being paused and would be greatly improved with a beer or three.

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