Birthday Wishes

I’m about to be forty. I’m not going to have a party, for a variety of reasons, but I do want to celebrate! Please help me celebrate my big milestone birthday! My birthday is October 6, but I think if I start asking people now, there will be plenty of time – and this way if you are international there is definitely plenty of time!

I’m asking people to please send me a postcard! I like all kinds of postcards. My favorite postcards are weird, sexy, geeky, or personal postcards. But I really do like all kinds of postcards!!!

On the postcard you can write anything, anything, anything at all!!!

  • You can tell me Happy Birthday!
  • You can tell me something lovely about your day.
  • You can tell me your favorite birthday memory.
  • You can tell me your favorite book and why.
  • You can tell me your favorite movie and why.
  • You can tell me your favorite poem and why.
  • You can write anything!

Send the postcard(s) to

PO Box 372667
Denver, CO 80237

If you want a postcard back from me, please include your address on the postcard you send! Thank you to everyone in advance!! I really appreciate you making this milestone birthday super special.

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