Whenever I find a misspelled track in my iTunes mix I look at it and I wonder if it is one I misspelled or if it is one I downloaded from Napster. I am not sure if I am precisely the audience for this documentary, but I have to say I deeply loved going down memory lane with the piece.

There was a sweaty joy in watching everything unfold and become the story I knew, and then watching as the story collapsed into itself. The story was definitely worth the watching, and I think it might be far more enjoyable for someone that wasn’t there watching everything unfold at the time. Far cooler for someone that didn’t watch it live.

The documentary is told lovingly, and is edited with a lot of sweetness to the story; you can feel that the person putting together this piece really cared about the people that are present for everyone to see. At times that works out perfectly, we are able to enjoy everything, we are able to watch people that haven’t been treated kindly and called thieves for a long time. At other times I found myself kind of leaning at the screen, kind of yearning for the story to go one direction or the other.

Spend more time getting in to how the world fell apart I thought.
Spend more time on why the boys stayed with technology instead of becoming quilters.
Take us down the chaos direction with the crazed anarchists for just a little longer!
Spend infinitely more time with the technology transition from online chat boys to new tech boys.
Talk more and more and more about the freedom of technology.

The piece stays on point; it doesn’t really try to be anything but a reflective overview of the idea of Napster. There are moments when the film feels a little bit like a behind the music idea and it is super enjoyable to watch, but I couldn’t help wondering if would be more interesting to someone that hadn’t been there while it was happening. Even if I wanted more and more and more from the piece, what is there is worth watching. I think if nothing else the remembering and thinking back to all that time looking for the surreal and the amazing in the music world in the middle of the night on my computer makes the movie worth the VOD and the time.

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