On Sunday they announced the new Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi.

I think he is a fine choice. I don’t have a huge amount of experience with him as an actor, but I recently saw him in The Hour. He was sexy, he was scary, he was sad – well I mean his character was all those things. I can’t ask for much more in my new Doctor Who.

My personal Doctor Who is Peter Davison. Not because he was the first Doctor I started watching – that would be Tom Baker – but because he was the first Doctor I went through regeneration with on PBS channel 12. When he was unwinding the scarf and wandering the halls of the TARDIS, I was in.

Doctor Who isn’t just a regeneration of character, isn’t just a regeneration of actor, I think it is a regeneration of fandom. There are these moments when I get to share it with family. I rented a bunch when I got laid off and my son was able to click with Jon Pertwee.

He had never been a fan of Christopher Eccleston and hadn’t connected with me when I started watching it again a while back. Something about Pertwee he liked.

My guess is the stern voice.

Mom always liked Tom Baker, but when I was burning through all the old ones she kind of liked some of the Colin Baker episodes.

I think that is the magic for me with the show. Yes I can be a fan forever and ever, but because each actor has brought something truly unique and fantastic to the role, I can sit with family or friends and each set of episodes is something totally different, totally new, totally separate from each other.

Like I said, I’m excited about Peter Capaldi. If he can be sexy, scary, sad, he can be everything I look for in a Doctor. I mean I would like funny, and I would like deep and meaningful, but the basics just need to be covered first.


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