guns2I downloaded Guns from Audible for free, and I think it is still fairly cheap on Kindle and Audible.

The piece is an opinion piece, or maybe it is more of an explanation piece, but for me it was more cathartic than really anything else.

I read Rage as a young girl when I read all of Stephen King’s works in a row. It was a summer when I was sickly and reading was my only escape. I escaped with Stephen King and I liked the Bachmann books. I remembered Rage standing out from the Bachmann books when I read them. I found it upsetting and enjoyed the story.

What King has to say in Guns, what he has to say about our culture, and the way that tragedy continues to happen, and people want a root cause, but aren’t interested in the long game is more than moving, it is profound. The core idea that he speaks about again and again, where people must learn to accept responsibility – which is not the same thing as culpability – is very strong.

I am for stronger gun control. But I say that as someone that believes that gun control should start with gun education. People should be well educated about guns, not afraid of them. There should be gun safes when people have guns in their homes. But more importantly, I think that mental health should have just as much money behind it in the lobby committees as gun advocates seem to have.

The piece that King wrote talks more about the fact that he wrote a story and people acted in violent fashions after reading his story, and he has made a move to get his story out of the hands of people. Part of me is sad that happened, and part of me understands why that happened. But I mean I read that story, I was an angry youth, I never acted on that anger – other people did…and there you have both gun control and mental health advocacy all rolled into simply drawn lines.

If mental health help were available easily would people be able to get help before they became violent?

If we had better gun control – such as waiting periods – would the violent urges be as pressing?

It is impossible to say because we don’t have either in place, but making moves and going forward, we can do what we can do from here. The piece by King is worth a quick read, or listen, for no other reason than for the way he lays out his anger and frustration and you get to go along with him.

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