for now it is enough

Since being in the hospital, I’ve had several ups and downs, and I’m riding an up right now. Even today at work with a crappy long long day with lots and lots of unpleasant phone work happening, I just kept going and it was totally okay.

I got home and I felt like laying in a ball and not working out and in the mail was this postcard for a race that I did a couple years ago and was considering doing again this year. It was a gentle reminder to maybe not go whole hog at the work out universe, but to at least do a bit of a walk around the neighborhood. There are these lovely lights all around one certain houses. They are gentle little reminders of the brightness of the holidays that can be soft lights or they can be flashing craziness. All over the neighborhood in the dark letting you know you are surrounded by people that you don’t really know. How amazing is that, people surround you, and we all sort of agree to live in a organized sense of politeness. We don’t have to do that, but we do, we move in, and we say sure to living in this neighborhood and not being overtly nuts.

For dinner we had take-out, it was a busy day for everyone and no one felt like cooking. The food was so delicious and spicy. I had extra veggies, mmmm with the mushrooms. I just sat there looking at my delicious spicy food, and I thought about the last couple of days of vacation, and I’m deliriously happy right now. It is unusual for me, and I’m not sure I really trust the feeling. But it is so nice, so nice to just enjoy my food, like going for a walk, and look at my family and friends and know that my day is a good day. For now it is enough to know that things are well in my life, and tonight I will go to bed happy.

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