Corresponding Again!!!

This year with NaNo, I found myself not having the time for letters and postcards. I was so excited to find myself with a day full of snow and some time after my doctor’s appointments today to get started back on my correspondence. Boy howdy was there a pile to come back to, and I’m psyched to get started back with my great letter love.

Letter Helpers
After getting home from the doctor, back from the post office, and out of the snow I gathered my supplies and my postal helpers and got started.

New Mail Day
First was the sorting into tidy piles.

Sorted Mail
Then the clipping of my tidy piles. Clips are important, never underestimate clips and mail and how they are important to each other. Sorting and clips go together. They so totally go together and sometimes I wish I had more sizes, ooo or several colors.

Incoming 120413
I started with some fantastic postcards. This is the first batch that I decided to work on, aren’t they fantastic?  There are colors, and art, and a couple of boats, and then fantastic illustrations.  It is a good haul, and was a wonderful place to start.

Outgoing 120413
It was really grand to get back into my postcard collection and pick out things to send.  There was some Doctor Who, some animation, Jimmy Stewart in Telluride, and all kinds of portraits!  I am just thrilled to be back to writing post, and writing just a few less words a day than I was with NaNo.  It was a great snowy day.

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