Nerd Family – Comic Con is in Town


Keep an eye out at #denvercomiccon for my girl Mylady TARDIS! #doctorwho #tardis #cosplay #denver #comiccon

My girl Janna is the most amazing seamstress, and she made the most fantastic TARDIS dress. She is gonna knock them all dead dead dead at Denver Comic Con.

Half a Beard - Two Face Ready
My boy was unsure if he wanted to be two face half beard.

Two Face Make-up done

Also look out for my son- Two Face himself! #denvercomiccon #cosplay #theboy
He ended up going a bit more traditional.

Even Thor wanted to #cosplay today for #denvercomiccon but couldn't get a ticket or decide between Braveheart or frost giant. #thor #nerdfamily
With all the nerdly stuff going on, the dog wanted to head downtown and cosplay. He really liked all the make-up.

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