Hurricane Floyd and Visiting Ohio

Kitten Love

Me:  I’ve never been to Ohio. I know The Boy has been a bunch, but, have you ever been to Ohio?
Mom:  Yeah. I almost hit a three legged dog in Ohio.
Me:  I’m sorry what?
Mom:  It was running across the highway. I was probably going seventy.
Me:  Was the dog merging?
Mom:  Pretty sure he was going cross traffic.
Me:  Where the hell was a three legged dog going?
Mom:  Across the highway.
Me:  Are you fucking with me? I almost hit a three legged dog in Ohio sounds like some weird line from some movie.
Mom:  Nope. Just a dog in Ohio that had someplace to be. That was the same week I survived hurricane Floyd.
Me:  Now I know for sure you’re fucking with me.
Mom:  Why would I lie about a three legged dog and hurricane Floyd?
Me:  Well either you’re lying, or that was like the weirdest week ever.
Mom:  Eh, not the weirdest. But to answer your question, yes, I have been to Ohio.

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