Cruella Grodd

Just give me the puppies for my fancy coat.

Just give me the puppies for my fancy coat.

Mom: The next episode is Grodd Lives? What is that?
Boy: Gorilla Grodd. He’s a bad guy for the Flash.
Me: More a misunderstood guy.
Boy: Well not really a guy at all.
Mom: Cruella Grodd? That just sounds mean. What does Cruella Grodd do?
Boy: Well, you see, it is the story of a misunderstood ape trying to get himself a stylish coat.
Me: What kind of coat? I mean would it still be puppies?
Boy: Of course, of course it is still a coat of puppies, that is the most fashionable.
Mom: What are you guys talking about? What is a Grodd?
Me: Grodd is a Gorilla, hence the name Gorilla Grodd.
Mom: So no puppies dying.
Boy: No puppies dying.
Mom: Okay, then we can watch it now.

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