county carnival

Him: I don’t get this song.

Me: He is singing about how sexy she is and how he loves licking and kissing her.

Him: Never say licking again. I get what it means mom, I just don’t get why it had to be a song and not just a bunch of things you whisper to someone at night in bed.

Me: Because women want to feel beautiful. Well everyone wants to feel sexy at least. So write it down and make money on a song.

Him: Even you? Even you want to feel beautiful?

Me: Even me. But I would not believe anyone that said my body is a wonderland. I would just laugh.

Him: Too sappy?

Me: Too unrealistic. My body is more like a country carnival than any kind of wonderland body.

Him: Carnival?

Me: Yeah my body seems like a great idea at night when you’re drunk, but you would never go near any of these rides in the cold light of dawn.

Him: Okay. Ew.

Me: Just saying.

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