deadpool, a venn diagram, and a stab in the face to depression

I know depression is a theme for me, but I’m doing what I can right now to fight that depression. For me, writing letters and postcards and little notes always gives me such a sense of joy. A giant sense of joy. But the last couple of years every time I’ve sat down at my writing desk and attempted to send something out to a friend, a pen-pal, or a total stranger, it has been a ridiculous struggle. Supremely painful to my brain and my heart.

I’m not really even sure why a cloud has settled over me when it comes to this amazing hobby, but since I started this bullet journal experiment, I am attempting to create realistic goals so that I can feel like I am accomplishing something and not feel like I’m overextending my time and my energy.

Having this great gift of Katie Abey Design stuff arrive around the exact same time that I felt ready to start reaching out again was also a great little bump to my heart. I am certain I owe a million jillion people letters and responses, and I’m crossing my fingers that this great feeling continues and I can keep sending out little smiles.

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