Some movies appeal to my brain and tell great engaging stories. Some movies give a mere hint of a story and are violent fantasies that really have no good beginning or end.

Nobody had some great violence and some easy to digest simple story points. The movie is also short, something that I appreciate for being engaging in a clear time frame. Nobody doesn’t take forever to unfurl, and it has some gorgeous super simple storytelling tricks that I adore. The passage of time, the monotony of life explained while not being painfully monotonous to watch, the lack of explanation to keep things small and simple, and a general vibe of being a moving manga or graphic novel. These are all things that are done well in the film, and that breathe more life into a story that could easily be a blip of nothing.

No one was crazy sexy or crazy ugly. No one was over the top overwhelming or underwhelming. It was violence and midlife ennui in a deliciously vicious package. Bob Odenkirk was believable as a man that has a jaded past, Connie Nielsen was lovely and honestly more screen time with her could only help the film. Christopher Lloyd was a delightful surprise, RZA was better than just a throw-away bit of silliness. The humor and the jokes created a nice bit of counterweight to the heavy violence.

There were of course things that bothered me as a viewer, and there is very little clean and clear wrap up in the slice of life story. A lot of what the film does well is let us be the nobody along with the nobody on screen by allowing us to put a lot of our own violent fantasies onto our main character.

I don’t really have a rating system or anything, but I can say I enjoyed it, and if you like some prime violence and overdone fighting in the old man action star genre it is definitely worth a try.

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