A little bit ago I started some 365 projects because they help me to stay focused and have a goal. I was doing okay there for a bit, but then I ended up with Covid and while I’m not sure what the best solution is to restart after being super sick, I am going to restart my 365 projects starting today.

Twitter is where I’m doing my 365 Haiku.
TikTok is where I’m doing my 365 daily doodle as I learn Procreate Pocket.
Instagram is where I’m posting my 365 daily letters.

I’m struggling with this voice in my head that just wants to go back and do after the fact posts, but I’m also just wanting to jump back in and try to figure out this stuff every day. Besides, I’m doing this almost exclusively for me to feel better, so going to just do something low key and not freak out right now so I can just get back to making stuff.

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