One Dollar More

Okay, since I did buy a card today for Kash, I bought one for spare. Then I also fell in love with another line of cards. I mean, I am totally enchanted with these cards.

But I have absolute total spending limits with cards, I will not spend more than $3.00 a card, unless it is a really special occasion, or if I can spend a bit of time talking myself into a new spending limit for someone I’m over the moon about.

These cards at the shop I found them, they are $3.99 a piece. A piece!! Of course, since I am totally enchanted I want them all, and I just can’t justify that right yet. Now if they were two fers or maybe BOGOs (same thing) I would have bought them out, but for now I will just have to get all dreamy eyed over them, and hope I can find them cheaper.

I mean seriously for that price these cards should come with stamps in them.

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2 Responses to One Dollar More

  1. Jeff says:

    Cards are cool, but I have a real thing for Apple iCards.

  2. girlzoot says:

    I love eCards, and Apple iCards are great because of all the fonts, I’m a fonty girl.

    But there is something so wonderful about mail in your mailbox.

    Were it not for mail I would not have found and loved a very special man a long time ago. Of course, were it not for the internet I wouldn’t have found him either, but that is another issue.

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