I don’t Google myself.

I don’t do it, I mean I want to do it, I think about doing it, I think it would be lots and lots of fun, my friends say it is fun.*

I just don’t do it, it involves a weird little story about being in a cold basement and watching a friend sort of fall apart on a computer over a man that didn’t really deserve her anyway. All the ways she was searching for him, and I just sort of equate Googling myself with that night and her frenzied looking for a man that wasn’t even on her level.

I will eventually get over this and begin Googling myself and others, or at least this is what I tell myself.

Of course I don’t even have any programs set up on my sites to tell where my hits come from, to tell how people found me, if they went searching for ‘dog poo’ or ‘wet blankets’ or if the hits come from links. Although I do find that kind of thing fascinating. The only site counter I have, is there because it has a map, maps are cool (huhuh).

So imagine my bewilderment and fascination when I came upon this site yesterday, and then while checking it out, I found my site on it.

I may be a moron when it comes to the internet, but man it continues to fascinate me.

*The whole time I was typing that sentence, I could hear Mel Brooks from History of the World in the back of my head. “What do you mean you don’t do it? Everybody does it, I just did it, I can’t wait to do it again.”

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2 Responses to Internetted

  1. Jeff says:

    There is something weird about doing the whole Google thing, but its interesting to see how the internet spiders keep tabs on us, and how we show up in the weirdest places.

  2. girlzoot says:

    See you are tempting me to google myself…why does that phrase remind me so much of masturbation?

    I just wonder what other cool or bizarre links I could find. I found the blogs now thing while looking for more info on Ang Lee.

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