There are these places in life when you lose track of things, you lose track of who and what is really important to you. Then you like literally lose stuff as a symbol of the fact that you need to be paying attention to something, but you aren’t sure what you should be paying attention to, and as such all you really see is the stuff that leaves your life and you can’t really see the bigger picture.

That whole losing the forest for the trees concept.

So right now, right now I am trying not to get lost in the details and pay attention to what I should be learning from the things I’m currently losing. So far I’ve lost my faith in my educational pursuit and creativity. I’ve once again lost my computer. Then last night I misplaced my orgasm.

There has to be something to all of this, I have to have some binding string that will connect everything and make everything make sense about why I should need to lose contact with all of these things.

Right now, since I can’t think of anything, I just freaking hope all of them come back and I can feel comfortable in my skin again.

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