Project Leech

I was told a couple weeks ago that I don’t have any original ideas, and maybe that is true. It would explain why I continue to hang out with creative, fascinating people, hoping for some of the creative to rub off on me.

It would also explain why I’m fascinated still with this self portrait idea. I am thinking of doing it, but the idea of taking pictures of my face repulses me still, so I’m testing some other images, so I’m trying out the idea of maybe hands, feet, or perhaps eventually I will cave and go with the face.

The face is the obvious choice because people like to see the eyes, but my face doesn’t change much, and ya know it repulses me to see my face at all.

I’m leaning towards my hands because they have an expressiveness of their own. They can also go all sorts of interesting or disgusting places, and it is a place where I can truly see my age clearly. My hands are definitely the hands of a thirty-three year old woman.

I’d like to do my feet, not like in a weird fetish way, but because I have some fun socks, I can do them in different locations, or possibly in different positions.

Also I need to try and decide if I want to do just a single centered image, or something different each time.

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2 Responses to Project Leech

  1. nina says:


    Whomever told you that you don’t have original ideas doesn’t know what they’re talking about! My mind has been swirling around a postcard for weeks now, and that my darling is most certainly original!

    I like your self portait idea, but please don’t feel like you have to prove anything to anyone. I think you’re stunning just the way you are.


  2. girlzoot says:

    Thank you Nina, you are always a sweetie!

    Not so sure about the self-portraits still, thinking it over and trying to decide how I feel about everything in the photography realm.

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