The Listening

If you can’t see this, go here.

This video makes me cry. Not like buckets or anything, just those arty corner of the eyes tears that streak down the face.

Of course it could be the heavy meds I’m on right now. Or it could be the faces and their hopeful looks of love in different stages.

I’m home sick today, again. I’m without a voice. I slept and slept my morning away in an attempt to try and feel better. It is so strange to me to be unable to talk. All I ever do is talk, babble, blather, blah-blah, chat, converse, and in general gab on endlessly.

Maybe this period of quiet is a good thing. Maybe I need to listen for a while. Maybe. Listen to all the things inside and around me.

That could be what I like about the video…the listening.

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