The Flight of the Syllabi

School started this week, and as much as I love school, it kind of amuses me.

Okay, it amuses me a lot.

Especially the syllabi, the review of said syllabi.

I take film classes. This semester is almost entirely film theory classes and therefore I am in classes that involve a huge butt ton of film screening.

So the teachers pass out the syllabi and the films we will be screening are listed, and immediately each student opens to that list and starts reviewing which of the films, which of the classes they’ve seen.

You can almost see the thought process. Are these films going to be boring? What is the teacher’s plan in choosing these films? Is there an underlying theme in the choices? It is actually one of the most fun parts of the syllabus review for me, watching the other student faces to see this thought process.

The other fun part? Scanning the list to see if there are any films listed that I haven’t seen.

Being a non-traditional student is a double-edged sword, I spent so much time loving movies and seeing everything I could get my hands on, that most of the time when I get to these classes now I can usually only come in with one or two films unseen.

Of course screening the movies again is good, a second look never hurts.

Besides, every once in a while we get to see something modern and I hardly ever get to the movies anymore what with being in school watching movies all the time, so all the stuff my fellow students have seen, I haven’t, and that puts us on even ground.

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2 Responses to The Flight of the Syllabi

  1. Zach says:

    Are you at UCD now? I’ve had to make all new friends! Everyone is gone.

  2. girlzoot says:

    I think making friends for you is probably pretty easy!

    I am at UCD for this semester, most of the theory that I was interested in is offered there.

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