Interesting for a Second

I’ve started reading an incredibly cool book, Weird Sex and Snowshoes. It is about Canadian film, yes, Canadian film. So far, ultra awesome if a little self-referential.

Also, this week marks the beginning of the Denver Film Festival on Thursday. I shall be gorging on strange films, lovely films, and oddly films that I’ve already seen at other festivals. Should be awesome. Mostly it is also going to be a delight to see my little friend that works the festival, he and I haven’t seen each other since last festival. Yay!

I just finished writing a poem for my advanced poetry class and I’m not happy with the stupid thing. In fact I haven’t been happy with any of the poems I’ve written for this class, except for one, and that one was the least popular in class, so go figure. Poetry is such a fickle little bitch.

Lovely to read, hard as fuck to write.

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