Bowling For Soup!

Last night was Bowling for Soup!

There were several other bands, Skyfox, Golden Ticket and Just Surrender, but we left the house and bought our tickets for Bowling for Soup. Although I have to say I really did enjoy everyone’s performances last night. The show was so fabulous, and I always have a wonderful time going to one of their performances.

We also got to see it at one of my favorite venues in Colorado, The Bluebird. I love the Bluebird, love it! They did a great job changing it into a music venue, and I’ve seen many a fabulous little show there. What I particularly love is the fact that the press release hints at the many “changes” the theater went through but glosses over the time the theater was a porn theater. The theater was in the process of becoming a music venue when they were filming Things to Do in Denver When Your Dead and you can see it in all its porny glory in that film for I think at least two scenes, but it flashes by quick so keep your eyes open.

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