Lily and Vivian

Lily and Vivian under the chair

Yesterday, after starting Atlas Shrugged while thinking about my best friend, I stopped by the Denver Dumb Friend’s League to make a donation in her name.

She was a big animal person, she did a lot of rescue work, the cats I lost last year all in a row were all rescue cats that she introduced into my life, and she was also a foster kitty mom. I thought it would be a nice memorial to donate what few paltry dollars I had in her name at the League.

When I got there and had donated the money, I noticed they were doing a special until the end of the month that all cats were totally free. Totally free. Apparently at the beginning of August they had a huge overpopulation issue and rather than put the cats down, they decided to start waving the adoption fees.

Well yesterday I met a couple of adult cats that were really sweet, and about my speed. I thought I nice mature adult cat would be good for me to start with so that I could get back into the concept of having an animal in the house again. After losing all my cats last year and then our dog this year, I wasn’t sure I wanted any animals at all.

I wanted to bring my family in to meet the cats I’d picked out though, and as soon as they got to the Dumb Friend’s League, all they could see was kittens. The lady who was our adoption counselor brought in these two sister kittens and my mother and son became pretty much gibbering idiots.

So guess what I have?

Well it isn’t a mature older cat, I’ll tell you that for free.

Although I must admit I am excited too, I am more nervous than anything else. I have two free sister kittens, Lily and Vivian. I go to pick them up tomorrow after their surgery to have their reproductive organs removed with a melon-baller. I can only hope I don’t end up taking far too many pictures of them in the coming months, but I strongly suspect I will become a crazy kitten lady very soon.

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