Russian Bus, Kentucky Derby, Michigan and some Love & Candy

Incoming 06/02/11
I am totally in love with the colors these Jockeys wear.  Tell me where else I can get away with those colors and those fabrics and not end up looking like a Jockey, and I am so totally there.

As another Woo-Hoo in my mind I am catching up with my correspondence to the point where I am replying to stuff written this year. I know, Shut the Front Door! Everything in this picture was written in 2011, CraZy!

That may not seem like a big deal, but for me I’ve had a variety of emotional and personal issues stand between me and my favorite hobby, writing letters. Now it is still just a hobby, so it does end up on the bottom of my time pile a lot of the days, but just having the ability to do this little bit when I can is bringing me great big smiles every day. You can’t go wrong when you make yourself happy with your hobby.  Unless your hobby is drowning kittens or something and then I think maybe there might be some need for evaluation. But I digress.

Outgoing 06/02/11
I am still on the fence about all new commemorative stamps being “forever” stamps, but I get the reasons why they’ve started doing it. Although can I just say the new Love is in the Air forever stamps are super adorable. Bright colors, fun theme writing, I am a big fan of these particular forever stamps.

Oh! I am almost done with the eeBoo sweets stationery. On the whole I liked it. The paper took ink like a champ, the sheets were easy to write on both sides unlike some other cutesy tiny papers, and other than not having a gum sealant the envelopes were fairly straightforward. I am still not certain I would buy more of their stuff – as usual I ran out of paper before envelopes – but on the whole I would say the set was mostly worth the price I paid.

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