Sneaky Bunny Grazer

Bunny in the Morning
The mornings begin and I’m left with a mind full of thoughts and dreams and I can’t quite figure out what I will be facing all weekend. This holiday is not my favorite, not my least favorite, but I suppose what it really comes down to is the fact that I’m not great with holidays.

All that jollity, all that togetherness, all those people. Some days I’m just not good with all the people.

This morning as I left the house to go for a little walk, I spied one of the neighborhood bunnies grazing on some squished up cantaloupe that was in the middle of our back parking lot. I would love to say spying the bunny grazing gave me some deep insight into myself and my inability to relate to other people, but there were no big epiphanies. I was just delighted and filled with a giggly joy at seeing the bunny so early in the morning as I set out for my walk.

No matter what else happens or doesn’t this weekend based on my readiness for the world, at least there is still room in my life for these moments, these moments of beautiful light, squashed fruit, and quiet sneaky bunnies.

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