Your Voice Mail Box is Full

Three-Mile Stare

A couple of years ago my very best friend moved away to New York. As a result I saw less of him, what with him being in another state and all. Since this is a modern age we still communicate regularly via text message, phone calls, and because I’m a letter junkie I write him letters and he does his best to write me back. Over the years our communication has been fairly constant, and we have a conversation going on almost all the time, even when we aren’t together in the same state.

The other day I got a warning on my phone that my voice mail box was full and I needed to erase some of my messages. I wasn’t really ready to do that, so instead I found a way to save some of them to my hard drive. I’ve had this idea for a while that I would somehow magically find the artistic ability to animate some of these voice mails and then maybe it would be okay that I’ve kept them for so long. Ah but I still have no magical artistic arty drawing animating ability, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing.

When I was in New York in October last year at the Met there was this odd, and yet really fascinating exhibit of postcards that were stamped with times when the sender got up and went back to bed. They were sent from all over the place, and they were sent daily, I found them riveting and spent maybe 20 minutes staring at the wall of them.  Although they told a little bit of a story while I was looking at them, I think between the sender and receiver they must surely have told an entirely different story. While I was sorting and putting these voice mails on to my computer I kept thinking about those postcards, and about what we share with the world when we decide to become friends with one other person and how that is always viewed differently by the world around us.

I think in the end I want to share these voice mails because they tell a story, and a good funny story should always be shared when possible. This is the first voice mail he left me that I saved, so it is the first one I will share.

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  1. Twitch says:

    Wow… maybe I should have kept on the medication…. oh well. Off to live another fantasy. Seriously glad to see you doing something with my insanity, pain and suffering… much love…


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