Please Use Other Door

I went to the movies today, and there was this herd of nerds there. I love a herd of nerds. There is so much to love.

I should clarify – because I am a nerd and clarifying is important. I was at the movies to see Cabin in the Woods, not to see whatever it was they were there for… Not that any of that is important to this story, but like I said, clarifying is important.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot of late about being a nerd. A geek. A dweeb. A freak. A fucking weirdo – this is the one I was most often called as a youth. I’ve been thinking a lot about how being online, being surrounded by other awesome geeks and nerds and dweebs makes me sometimes think that everybody is like me.

Sometimes the comfort of being surrounded online by my peeps makes me think that everyone is a total dorkamungus and is able to express themselves and walk about upright and shower.

Then I go to see a movie and there is a herd of nerds and there is a dude is a Virginia is for Lovers shirt, shorts, and his hand full on down his pants like he is on a date with his hand and that is okay or something. None of the rest of the herd is looking, noticing, or bothered.

I kept looking around at the rest of the lobby and thinking, Is ANYONE seeing this?

Maybe online is best for my nerd encounters.

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