Golden Teeth and Golden Ink, Welcome to My Presence

Once again an awesome letter from a pen pal that spoils me ever so with great muppet treats. It is the little details that make me smile when she sends me a letter.

Like the fact that she is a very responsible labeler of the inks she uses. I keep meaning to do this, but since I just this year started putting the date on my letters, this seems a little ambitious. How awesome is it that she has an ink that reminds her of the color of Rowlf’s fur? Charming. Charming. Charming.

Sent her these adorable happy hermits. Cute and a little weird, just like me.

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4 Responses to Golden Teeth and Golden Ink, Welcome to My Presence

  1. phonelady says:

    Oh my gosh and is'nt that adorable paper ? wow awesome . You guys are awesome absoloutly awesome .

  2. HereBeDragons says:

    Dr. TEETH! Wonderful! What a fun thing to get. I luuuuuurve the Muppets – always have.

  3. The Missive Maven says:

    The Happy Hermits warmed my heart today! I was just wondering what the heck they were, and am so glad to find the link.

    This is one of those Dark Horse products that I just ignored after seeing it online, but seeing it in the flesh (or in the pulp) makes me love it.

  4. girlzoot says:

    I know the muppets are always such a great little surprise in the mailbox. They bring joy to me every time!

    Yay! Mail arrived! The hermits are pretty weird, but they seem to like each other so at least they always have that guaranteed fan, their partner.

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