Bus and Booty

The wonderful Chris over at Wild Postcards and Girls Go Postal! sent me this great Royal Postbus postcard.

It even came with these great great stamps. I am a big fan of Abigail Adams actually and the John and Abigail love story means a lot to me, although I have a weird thing about reading personal letters of people. Historical significance vs. privacy of letters, but that is something for another post. Also if you haven’t seen the recent John Adams looooooooong film that is available on disc, it is worth checking out. I heart Paul Giamatti a lot. I have a big crush on him and to see him and Laura Linney in one of my favorite love stories of all time, le swoon. If you want a slightly more upbeat, less phlegmy version of this story that is way shorter and has musical numbers, but no Giamatti check out 1776, it is way awesome as well which is available on DVD.

Okay so before I wandered off on a tangent…which happens to me often, I got the awesome postalbus, and I for some reason got the idea of hitchhiking and being picked up by said postalbus and the old adage of gas, grass, or ass popped into my head. So I sent Girls Go Postal! a little photo booty from Jan Saudek. I really liked this postcard when I found it forever ago and thought now was as good a time as any to send it off. I love this model because of her moles, they for some reason make her back look very delicate. Chris does a very good (and much timelier) job with his post, check it out.

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4 Responses to Bus and Booty

  1. phonelady says:

    Both of these are awesome and Love them as well . These are nice and lovely post cards . I like em alot and thanks for sharing and posting this .

  2. Chris Overstreet says:

    If I didn't love love love the Saudek postcard, my post would not have been so timely. I did 1776, oh, about a hundred years ago, on a stage the size of a postage stamp. Now that I'm the right age for John Adams, I can't find anybody to produce it.

  3. mischief says:

    I love that one from Chris! It's the same style as the Dorking one he sent me the same week (2nd one along on the top row of this wall. Very cool indeed.

  4. girlzoot says:

    So completely fun!

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