Catwoman, a shredded letter, USPS cares, a concerned neighbor, and the last of of my floral cards

Incoming 07/08/12
Catwoman in my mail! Not ya know Anne Hathaway or anything, but still sexy jumping Catwoman jumping into my mailbox! Freaking fantastic.

Not so fantastic was my USPS We Care baggie with a shredded letter in it. I wanted to be all angry, but they did at least fish out the pieces and send them to me. Even though the letter is a bit aged, and has obviously been wet, and of course shredded.

Torn Letter
The poor thing got properly chewed, but my address was bright and shiny on at least one of the pieces and the clever young lady from the letter had her address inside the letter as well as outside the letter.  All is well, if a little crumpled and torn.

Outgoing 07/08/12
There they go, the last of my floral USPS cards that match their stamps. I’m so glad I bought them at the post office when they were on sale. They were good cards for mailing and I like the idea of matching postage to the card inside, so very my socks match my blouse.

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