Do Do Do Looking Out My Back Door…

I like this habit of several of my correspondents to use their photographs to create personal cards. They are lovely, but it is the personal I like. Lovely and a delight of a peek into someone’s life. This one just also happens to be quite pretty.

These are some of the last sheets of this paper. I bought it many years ago for a specific purpose and person, and it took me a long time to talk myself into using it for letters that were not for that purpose or that person. Of course once decided the paper went ultra quickly and I’m rather sad to see it go after all this time. Funny that, it is just paper, but it is a memory as well. Funny that.

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3 Responses to Do Do Do Looking Out My Back Door…

  1. phonelady says:

    oh I totally understand .

  2. HereBeDragons says:

    I use my photos for cards all the time. Actually, I like to use photoshop to create my own postcards with quotes or titles. the digital age makes it a breeze!

  3. girlzoot says:

    This always seems like it would be such a great idea, and easy to boot. I really must try it out soon.

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